Concrete Machine

  • Cleaning Machine

    Cleaning Machine

    Magnetic box cleaning machine is specialized in the rapid cleaning of magnetic box machine, it is very convenient to clean the magnetic box, and adapt to different sizes and model. We use high power motors and high quality accessories. So even if the magnetic box that used for a long time, can be made the surface smooth, and use it immediately. The magnetic box cleaning machine used the good quality motor, it is about 1.5KW, and this machine can be matched different kinds of shuttering magnet...
  • Concrete Spraying Machine

    Concrete Spraying Machine

    Concrete spraying machine is an advanced product in spraying technology enabling continuous flow with minimum rebound ensuring coverage of maximum area in shortest possible time thereby increasing the overall productivity of project. concrete spraying machine is often used to spay out the finished concrete mixed with accelerator from its nozzle to the construction surface. The nozzle is installed at the outlet of the pipe and the air is compressed and the concrete is ejected. the machine is e...