Lifting & Connection Accessories

  • Rubber insert magnet adaptor for halfen groove
  • Lifting Anchor

    Lifting Anchor

    SAIXIN produced lifting anchor by high grade steel / stainless steel to swift lift precast concrete. The lifting anchor is a traditional lifting anchor system for the precast concrete. The easy and quickly universal head link is used to lift and transport the concrete panel or concrete culvert. the length is made according to client’s request and suitable different strength and weight. There have 4 times safety factor to design these products when we do the test. We only use qualified metal m...
  • Thermal Insulation Connector

    Thermal Insulation Connector

    Thermal Insulation connector SAIXIN insulation connectors are made of high-strength fiber composite materials, which have high tensile, shear and bending strength, large elastic modulus, good durability, excellent alkali resistance, very low thermal conductivity, and the safety factor of each layout design is more than 4.0, which is safe and reliable. Please reference products process as below: Pultrusion process is a kind of method to make composite profiles continuously, which using the twi...
  • Lifting Clutch

    Lifting Clutch

    SAIXIN produced lifting clutch with high grade steel, The lifting clutch can use to special thin concrete panel lifting system. The lifting clutch matched different size of lifting anchor The two spherical of lifting clutch are biting into each other, Or the lifting anchor spherical head easy to broken. This is the key reason to design the lifting clutch products.  All the products matched national standard, you can check our factory and products, ensure the good quality of lifting clutch wit...