Magnetic formwork is composed of metal shell embedded magnet , the height range from 60mm to 400mm ,  the longest is 3900mm , and all the size and shape accept customized that to be suitable for different precast concrete .


Through the suction action of the magnet , the magnetic formwork is closed contact with the pallet , so that the formwork system that to be formed is fixed. Since the steel shell and the magnet are integral , there will be not movement to ensure that the formwork system is not deform . At the same time , the simple and fast operation of the magnet makes the whole work safer and more stable . With a matching crowbar , the magnet can be pried up and the formwork easily removed from the pallet .


Because the magnet system is located inside the steel shell , the concrete residue or other dirt will not damage the entire formwork system .


With the development of the prefabricated construction industry , magnetic box , insert magnets and other magnetic fixed products have been fully applied in the production process of precast concrete components . The magnetic formwork is embedded magnet chunks inside , compared with the magnet box , it is more convenient for standarder and mass production .


Post time: Mar-20-2023