How to use magnet box more reasonable, more durable and more efficient

Refuse to waste rare resources and improve recycling. The most important part of the magnetic box: magnet. Its main components are rare earth elements neodymium (nd), cobalt (CO) and boron (b). As a rare resource, we should make good use of it .

As long time to use magnetic box, too much rust, concrete, garbage, etc. are adsorbed at the bottom of the magnetic box. So that the adsorption force of the magnetic box on the mold table is insufficient. So how to save the old magnetic box has also become a problem for many customers. How to protract the service life of the magnetic box? In order to avoid wasting magnetic boxes and realize the recycling of magnetic boxes, Saixin has developed a simple magnetic box cleaning machine for everyone.







Below video to show the result after cleaning

According to this video , you can clearly see the difference after the magnet box cleaing .
Maintaining the bottom of magnetic box clear is the good way to protect it .

PS: Don't use the magentic box violently , it easily to break the magnet 
Suggestion: cleaning the magnet box every half year 

[Use method]


1. Put the magnetic box cleaner on a dry and spacious site and connect the power cord (there are 3 live wires, 1 zero wire and 1 ground wire).

2. Turn on the power supply, turn off the emergency stop switch clockwise, press the main motor to start, and observe whether the rotation direction of the steel wheel is consistent with the marked direction. If the direction is inconsistent, replace the two live wires to be consistent.

3. After the main motor idles for 1 minute and no abnormality is observed, start the dust suction motor.

4. Adjust the height of the magnetic box placement plate and the steel wheel to just grind to the bottom of the magnetic box, and then rotate the lower handle to fix the height of the magnetic box placement plate.

5. Put the magnetic box into the middle slot, put down the cover plate, press the magnetic box switch indenter with a little force, and then keep the pressing state, push and pull it back and forth once.

6. Open the cover plate, take out the magnetic box and check the cleaning effect at the bottom. If the cleaning is not in place, repeat steps 4 and 5 again.

7. After use, turn off the power supply, clean the equipment, oil and maintain the track.




1. Before use, confirm that the rotation direction of the steel wheel is consistent with the mark.

2. The steel wheel is consumable. Pay attention to adjust the height to just clean it. Too much adjustment at one time will cause too fast loss of the steel wheel.

3. If there is any abnormality, press the red emergency stop switch instantly and check after shutdown.

4. The bottom is a vacuum cleaner and an air filter environmental protection device. It is best to clean the air filter with an air gun every working day.

5. The wiring switch shall be installed with leakage protection and grounded at the same time.


At present, this cleaning machine is already the third generation product of Saixin.

It has been improved for the problems caused by the use of the first generation products in Saixin's old customers

(for example, the belt is easy to crack, the motor is unstable, and the parts are not easy to replace). Now most have been improved .

Thank you for your valuable opinions.


Post time: Jan-07-2022