Construction management and quality control measures of prefabricated concrete buildings

1. Select advanced means

In the construction of prefabricated concrete buildings, in order to maximize its construction quality, we must pay attention to the application of advanced means in specific construction activities. From the development of prefabricated buildings in China, RF technology and building information model are better way, which can comprehensively promote the green development of prefabricated concrete buildings. For RF technology, it can accurately record the geometric information and physical information of prefabricated components, so that the information of components can be identified timely and accurately during component acceptance and installation in the subsequent assembly and construction process, so as to avoid the situation that information asymmetry affects the construction quality. Building information model is a modern construction technology, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of information island. In the process of component building information model, the whole life cycle of the building is taken as the core data, and the data of single equipment and assembly are continuously managed to judge its coupling with the whole building, so as to ensure the quality of construction engineering.

2. Complete edge protection

In the construction of prefabricated buildings, in order to avoid falling objects near the edge, scaffold tubes can be used to build corresponding guardrails at the edge, and safety nets can be reasonably used to carry out enclosure work. In order to improve the attention of relevant personnel, colorful paint can be used. In the foundation pit engineering, it is also necessary to use the scaffold tube to set up the corresponding edge enclosure structure, and ensure that the enclosure can withstand the impact force of 1000KN at least, and then apply bright paint. For the bottom of the fence, the concrete pouring retaining wall can be used to fix the fence on the wall to improve the stability of the fence; Corresponding safety guardrails must be set on both sides of the climbing channel on site and ensure its firmness.

3.Establish quality supervision mechanism

By analyzing the actual situation of the current prefabricated concrete construction site, it can be found that there is a great correlation between the construction quality and the integrity of the quality supervision mechanism. Many times, due to the lack of integrity and scientificity of the quality supervision mechanism, there will be various quality problems in the construction process. Therefore, in practice, we must establish a sound quality supervision mechanism, carry out all-round and dynamic management and control on the construction of prefabricated concrete buildings, and check them in strict accordance with relevant specifications after the completion of the last construction activity, so as to control the construction quality problems in the bud. In addition, in practice, it is also necessary to standardize the quality supervision activities to ensure that the quality supervision can be carried out orderly and reasonably, so as to maximize the construction quality of prefabricated concrete buildings.


Post time: Mar-24-2022