Advantage of Saixin Shuttering Magnets

1. Material

(1) magnet:  magnet is the core material of the magnetic box,

1) remanent magnetic Br: When the ferromagnetic material is magnetized to remove the magnetic field, the remaining magnetization on the magnetized ferromagnetic material will directly affect the magnetic force of the magnetic box.

2) INTRINSIC COERCIVITY HCJ: Intrinsic coercivity is a main index of the ability of permanent magnetic materials to resist external reverse magnetic field or other demagnetization effects in order to maintain their original magnetization state. It directly affects the attenuation of magnetic properties by external environment (such as reverse magnetic field, high temperature, etc.) .

The performance parameters of Saixin magnet material meet the requirements of GB/t 13560-2017《 sintered ndfeb permanent magnet material 》 . Among them: N35 performance Hcj not less than 12KOe, Br not less than 12.1 kgs; N50 performance Hcj not less than 13.9 Koe, Br not less than 12.1 S.

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N35 performance curve



N50 performance curve

(2) Shell: Iron Shell with High-strength low-alloy Steel, strength is 1.5 times more than ordinary Q235 steel plate, thickness is uniform, error is less than 3% .

(3) fasteners: All Bolts and nuts are made of grade 12.9 high strength alloy or 304 stainless steel.


2. Structure

(1) in addition to the influence of magnet performance, another key point of the magnetic box suction is the contact surface of the core and the die. In general, before the magnetic box factory, the surface of the magnetic core will be ground by precision grinder, flatness in 0.01 mm or more. However, in the course of use, because the magnetic switch drives the magnetic core to move up and down, and the magnetic switch is only connected with the middle part of the magnetic core, the middle part of the magnetic core will be uneven with other parts after a long period of use, caused the magnetic box suction greatly reduced. The stainless steel pad is added between magnetic core and magnetic switch in Saixin magnetic box, which increases the contact area between magnetic core and magnetic switch, prevents the inner irregularity of magnetic core and reduces the magnetic box suction.




(2)the Shell is provided with a stiffening plate to prevent external force from striking and deforming. The internal stiffeners are made of 6mm thick steel plate to improve the internal strength of the Shell. All parts of the shell are snap-on design to increase the strength of the connection between the parts. The strength of welds in vulnerable parts is improved and the service life of the Shell is prolonged.
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(3)magnetic switch has been thickened to prevents the switch from deforming after long-term use.
3. Quality Control
There is a complete quality control system, including perfect quality inspection documents, inspection equipment and professional inspection personnel, from raw materials test report ,  production process control and pre-factory finished product inspection are all strictly controlled, ensure the qualified rate of the products to reach above 99% .
4. Technical support
There is a group of experienced technical R & D personnel and professional production equipment including laser cutting machine, numerical control electro-hydraulic bending machine, Gantry milling machine, numerical control lathe and imported flexible welding platform to ensure advanced product design, well-made, excellent quality, and according to customer needs to provide professional customized services to meet customer needs.

Post time: Jan-18-2022